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Welcome to XPersonals.ws, my site dedicated to the adult dating niche. I have been using dating sites since later 2006, it’s a long story, but I will try to resume it for those of you interested on it. Maybe something similar happened to some of you if you are reading this.

I was in a very long relationship with this girl, 8 year to be precise. We met in high school, and it was very passionate at the begining. We both were in the school debate team. Yeah, i am a little nerd, and she was too, and very smart I have to say, but not too wise. Intelligence and wisdom not always come together. Usually people tend to do the same things their parents did, not depending on how smart they are. Her parents get divorced when she was seven years old, and her mother get a little crazy. Then she takes care of her little sons. Now she can solve a very complex equation, or analize very large books, but when we talk about relationships, she always take the wrong decisions, and can be a very difficult person. I used to think she can change in the future, but I was wrong. And my idea of a relationship was wrong too.

After the broke up, I decided to get just one night stand relations, and not to get involved emotionally. My friends took me to bars, clubs and night clubs. It was fun, and I met very interesting people there, but you know, Im a nerd, and those places are not familiar to me, I used to feel like a stranger there, then decided to give a chance to technology. The most popular dating sites first, and then adult dating sites. They are more confortable to me, and people there are different to the ones you can find on clubs. Actually you can search for the kind of people you like, not only poeple interestend in one night stand relations.

There are a lot of websites involved in xpersonals, and I want to share with you my experience on some of them.

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